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A  financial plan is a complex undertaking that, when done well, can provide a framework for achieving financial security. Your security. And while we think of it as a roadmap, the road we take to your financial future will change over time — especially since the markets are constantly changing, too.

That’s why we revisit and refine this plan with you on an ongoing basis.

With a plan, we seek to keep your income tax burden to the lowest level possible, and use leverage wisely. We offer advice designed to help protect your family from the financial risks associated with premature death, or loss of property, or work. We work with you to help meet your accumulation goals — whether it is for an education fund, buying a first or second home, building your investment portfolio, or simply taking a trip around the world.



Once we have created your comprehensive financial plan, we begin our rigorous portfolio management process.

First, we customize a portfolio strategy based on your plan, focusing on long-term returns while being keenly aware of short-term market volatility (which can be hard to predict) and the fundamental relationship between your potential risk and reward. In developing your investment strategy, we take into account a number of factors including your investment goals, time horizon, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, tax impact, economic conditions, and international exposure.Our distinct investment strategy are based on a custom asset allocation model that spreads your risks over principally four asset types: fixed income securities, real estate investment trusts (REITs), U.S. equities and international equities .

Since we are independent, we are free to consider all of the thousands of investment alternatives available .


 Your taxes. Your estate. Your insurance needs. All are important issues that must be planned for and managed in the same way that you manage your other investments. That is why, our Financial Concierge associates can help you with a wide range of services,  including:

  • Complete asset transfer paperwork
  • Coordination with brokerage firms
  • Analysis of financial documents
  • Tracking down lost stock certificates
  • Management and automation of recurring transactions
  • Proxy voting on your behalf

Think of our Financial Concierge as your personal financial assistant — relieving you of the everyday burden of matters ranging from basic financial housekeeping to high-level financial work.


 What are personal matters and what are business matters? For many of our clients, they are interconnected. Whether you are an established business owner, an executive, a first-time or serial entrepreneur, or have inherited your family business, we offer a range of business advisory services to help drive your continued success — regardless of industry.

Through KCI Asia Limited, we can arrange for whatever business services you may need, including:

  • Business & corporate tax planning
  • Profitability consulting
  • Business succession planning
  • Merger & acquisition planning
  • Business valuations
  • Assurance services